Today’s guest is Brandy from BD Design, and let me tell you, she’s amazing! She’s got such an eye for design and she refinishes furniture you’d die over. And the project she’s sharing with us today is no exception. I’ve loved exploring her blog and her Instagram feed (don’t you love how you can get a good feel for a person through Instagram? She’s @bddesignblog and I’m @mabeyshemadeit–come follow us both!) Anyway, let’s get to these amazingly beautiful and simple striped napkins!


Hi everyone! My name is Brandy and I blog over at BD Design. Hopefully my little space on the internet inspires you to either run to Home Depot for a quick DIY home project, bake a dessert, organize your make up drawer, or paint a piece of furniture from one of my tutorials. Lisa, thank you so much for having me!

Today I’m sharing a quick DIY project that will add a little shimmer to your next meal. These white and gold striped napkins took me less than an hour to make and only cost me maybe 10 bucks!! I don’t know about you but quick and affordable projects make me smile.

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I picked up these plain white napkins from Target for $3.99 and grabbed some Martha Stewart multi-surface gold metallic paint and got to work. You want to make sure that you use a paint that can be used on fabric or else all your hard work will be washed away with your next load of laundry. Eek.

To make sure I taped off perfectly even lines I measured 11/2 inches in 3 spots on the napkin and then connected the dots with my tape.

Then I painted the lines in with a GORGEOUS shimmery gold. You will certainly be on trend with this pop of gold but you can use any color you want! I think teal and white would be really cute too. Or black and white. Sky is the limit!

 I loved how they turned out and I can’t wait to use them at my next outdoor dinner party.
If you liked this post, you can check out my blog, BD Design, for more tutorials!
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Zakkiya Hamza
8 years ago

These are absolutely gorgeous. It’s so simple yet it looks so classy and elegant.

8 years ago

Seems so easy and they look great! I have been considering giving up paper napkins for a while now, and having a stash like these would make it easy.

Alexis @ Persia Lou
8 years ago

These are gorgeous, Lisa!

Allison {A Glimpse Inside}

These totally don’t look like paint at all and look like store bought.