Download this free printable earth watercolor for a beautiful display. There are also other versions with quotes

A while ago I posted about the Relief Society birthday celebration I helped put on, and I had some wonderful responses to the watercolor Earth I used. So today I’m sharing four versions–a simple plain version and three with quotes to suit different tastes. I never get tired of the fresh colors and the way the oceans seem to be moving.

The watercolor Earth was such a fun painting. I sat at our dining room table while my girls had their watercolors out and together we worked on our projects. I noticed that for several days afterward, Saige was drawing and painting Earth too. It was fun to see her observe my painting and then emulate what I was doing.

I love the simplicity and how well-suited the earth is for watercolors. It’s just a natural fit for the medium. It’s far from perfect, but I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Click here for the Earth watercolor

The first quote I thought of is a scripture, and I had to offer it as a printable. But since not everyone is religious, I wanted to make another version. And can I tell you that there are SO MANY great quotes about earth or the world? It was really hard to narrow it down to only three. So to start with:

Download and print this beautiful earth watercolor with various sayings (or plain)

Click here for the God So Loved the World watercolor

And for all you travel bugs, this Tolkien quote is for you:

Download and print this beautiful earth watercolor with various sayings (or plain)

Click here for the Not All Who Wander watercolor

and when you want to think about a hopeful and peaceful world, you can sing along with these song lyrics (in a growly Louis Armstrong impersonation of course).Download and print this beautiful earth watercolor with various sayings (or plain)

Click here for the Wonderful World watercolor

I hope you enjoy them–I’ve loved having my watercolor earth framed and sitting with a couple of globes around the house.

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7 years ago

These are really pretty and I love the subtle colors you get with watercolors. Thanks for sharing. Pinning.

the cape on the corner

this is beautiful!


[…] I also used it to create a printed handout for everyone to take home with a quote I used in my presentation. (You can download it here) […]

Angelina Wang
6 years ago

Hi, Lisa! I really love these watercolor earths, as you said the softness of the watercolor really brings out what earth stands for. I was hoping to ask if I could borrow this picture to make part of our charity’s Facebook logo. We’re a small student charity, called CIS Friends of UNRWA. We support and raise funds and awareness for UNRWA’s annual emergency appeals, aiming to provide assistance, protection, and advocacy for Palestine refugees. Let me know what you think. Thanks! -Angelina

Frances Rivera
Frances Rivera
5 years ago

I love this watercolor and it will look perfect in my travel theme history classroom but it never sent me the download instructions 🙁

Cathy Showalter
Cathy Showalter
4 years ago
Reply to  Frances Rivera

I am not very technologically savvy but wish I could download your map.

Bianca Souza
5 years ago

Hey Lisa! Thanks for sharing your art. You’re really talented!
I’m thinking about printing this image to use in my bedroom, but I have a blog and I’m sure people will ask where I got this pic from. Could I put your link on my post? Thanks! ♥

4 years ago

I was trying to download the free printable, but no luck. Is it possible for you to send me a pdf? I love the watercolors!

Ginny Maziarka
Ginny Maziarka
4 years ago

It doesn’t seem like the download of the globes for watercolor is working? I’d love to do this with my granddaughter. Feel free to email me if you like. Thank you so much!

Debby Fricke
Debby Fricke
4 years ago

I love your watercolors. Thank you for sharing your talent. I’d love to download the “what a wonderful world” one. However the download is not working. Could you send me a pdf or another link? Thanks…