A pre-made kit saves so much time making this felt wreath. Perfect for craft night.Even though it’s been a while since I moved to Idaho, I still feel like I don’t know that many people. Chalk it up to a long winter last year, months of remodeling, and a new baby, but I’m ready to get back to having regular interactions with other women doing what I love–crafting!


With a little help from Apostrophe-S, a new company that specializes in craft kits for projects you might find on Pinterest, putting together a girls’ craft night was a breeze. Hosting was so easy, which left time for socializing and getting to know everyone who came. Sometimes I think setting up a craft night can be intimidating–what will everyone make, what if they don’t like a planned project–and what about all that prep time!

But when you host with Apostrophe-S, everything is super simple. Everyone went to the website and ordered whatever craft kit they wanted to make, then they all came to my house the day before the party. The evening of the party, I put out some treats, set up a few basics (like a glue gun and ironing board), and sat down to relax. It was so much fun!



Everyone who came chose a different project, and it was fun to see the variety and diversity of the projects. I made the Ruffled wreath, and the kit took all the tedium out of it. Cut 150 felt circles? Ugh. Start with 150 perfect precut circles and go from there? Yes, please. The kits have everything you’ll need to make your project (including the glue and pins) so as a hostess you can just sit back and craft.


But it wasn’t just that the kit included everything, I had so much fun getting everyone together. It was the first time I’ve had a group of people over to my home to craft since moving, and I LOVED it. I even invited my daughter, and she had a blast. She felt so cool getting to craft with the women.

Apostrophe-S Craft Night | Mabey She Made It | #craftnight #wreath #girlsnight

We had treats, laughed, and made fun crafts. And I loved how easy it was to host a successful craft night with very little effort on my part. But the best part was that everyone wants to make craft night a regular occurrence. I can see lots of fun and relaxing nights in my future!

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8 years ago

What a fun way to spend an evening and socialize with friends! Love it.

8 years ago

This is the type of thing I want to do but I can never get people around to do. I had never heard of Apostrophe-S. They sound great. Someday.

Sara Brook
8 years ago
Reply to  AmieJo

AmieJo, we would love to help you do a craft night with our kits. Just shoot us an email at hello@apostrophe-s.com and we will help you set it up! 🙂

Judy H.
Judy H.
8 years ago

I LOVE that precious wreath you made!! What a great way to get together, craft and chat. I’ve lived where I am for quite awhile and still don’t know many people. I wish I was in Idaho so I could have come to your party! Such a wonderful idea! Happy Weekeend!

Sara Brook
8 years ago
Reply to  Judy H.

Judy, we would love to get that wreath in your hands! If you would like to have a craft night with your friends just contact us at hello@apostrophe-s.com and we will gladly help you out! Check us out at http://www.apostrophe-s.com.

8 years ago

That wreath is too cha cha for words!

8 years ago

I love your wreath!!! And the idea of a craft night with your friends is really cool, esp when you have premade kits! I’ll have to look into that. Did you pick the crafts you wanted, or did they send you a box of variety? Is is fairly reasonable price-wise? Thanks!

Sara Brook
8 years ago
Reply to  Cindy

Cindy, when you have a party with Apostrophe S you choose the kits you want to make! All the kits ship together and are sent to the location of the party the day before—you just have to order by the deadline. It’s so simple! Prices of the kits are just $25-39 and all have video tutorials. If you would like to have a craft night with your friends just contact us at hello@apostrophe-s.com and we will gladly help you out! Check us out at http://www.apostrophe-s.com.

8 years ago

Sounds like a lot of fun! I need a crafting night with the ladies too. Thanks for linking up to Show Me Saturday! I hope to see you there this week.

Shelly -minettesmaze.blogspot.com/

This looks like soo much fun!! This was my feature pick from last weeks DIY Sunday Showcase Party! Come on over and check it out!!

Thanks for sharing with us!!


Michelle (The Ribbon Retreat)

Lisa…..I LOVE this wreath! It is so cute and the colors are so sweet! Thank you for sharing! 🙂