Great idea--either choose patterns to make a cardigan or buy one of these she picked if you don't sew.I think you all know how much I love making clothing, but not everyone does right? Or maybe time just gets away from you and its easier to just buy something even if you could make it.

I totally get it. And sometimes I’m the same way. So I’ve decided to start sharing a Buy It option when I sew up clothing so if you love something but don’t have time (or desire) to make it, you can still get the look. Additionally, I wanted to gather some of my favorite patterns in several categories to share with you, so round them up and also add in some Buy It options for you.

And since I love cardigans (and wear them most of the year except when its really hot), they are the perfect place to start! Pull out that french terry, ponte, and sweater knit, because its time to get snuggly (and fashionable) with some amazing cardigans!

Make It Cardigans:

Sugar-Pop-Top-and-Julia-CardiganJulia Cardigan by Mouse House Creations. I’ve made two of these cardigans so far, and love the fit. I talked about my cardigans in this wardrobe makeover post, and I want to make another one. They’re fast and super cute.


M7199 by McCalls. I LOVE this cardigan pattern. I’ve made one so far, and have two more on the cut table. That’s love since its a detailed pattern that’s not super quick. Its worth the effort though.Tired of your frumpy mom look? Its time for a #momiformMAKEover. Check out these fun patterns and ideas for transforming your look.

I love the detail on the back and the fact that you can wear it open for a drape effect or zipped to get a cowl.


The Beautiful Dreamer Cardigan is so super cute. That yoke on the back makes me swoon. I haven’t sewn this one up yet, but I’ve prepped the pattern and I’m just looking for the perfect fabric combo.


Sophie cardi from Muse Patterns. I haven’t made this one, but I was drawn to the more open neckline and the collar option. Its pretty and feminine and can be dressed up or down.


3/4 Sleeve Cardigan from Sweet Shop Sewing. I always like to build my wardrobe around classic pieces, and this cardigan is that for me–classic and perfect for pairing with a more trendy top. And 3/4 sleeves are always my first sleeve choice.


Sunset Infinity Cardigan from Rabbit Rabbit Creations. Infinity scarves are comfy and cute, so when you make a cardigan that can be worn like an infinity scarf (or in several other ways), you pay attention.

IMG_0904__59213.1414032867.1280.1280Cambridge Cardigan from Peekaboo Patterns. Here’s another classic silhouette with a more relaxed feel. Boyfriend cardigans are becoming more popular, and you can make your own with this great pattern.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 9.36.20 PM

Laurelhurst Wrap from Straight Stitch Designs. This drape front cardigan is a fun and quick way to dress up your outfits. Its easy to wear and quick to sew.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 9.39.39 PM

Grandpa Cardi from Patterns for Pirates. With options for a shawl collar, elbow patches, and big outer pockets, this cardigan is full of character and perfect for getting cozy. The length is great, and so are the details.

Buy It Cardigans:

Not ready to make a cardigan? Click on any of these cardigan images to go right to the source for easy shopping of some of my favorite cardigans around. Happy shopping!


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7 years ago

I have made the Julia twice now. First time I made it I totally hated it. This second time around I like it just a little more. Thanks for rounding up a few more options on making your own cardigans. I am much more a fan of getting something that fits me perfectly because I made it that way rather than buying just anything. 🙂 Now to go and check out these other patterns!

7 years ago

That infinity scarf cardigan is really cool! I hadn’t heard of this pattern company before either — always fun to find something new!

7 years ago

Ooh, I love the back detailing on that McCalls one. So cute.