Have you seen all the cute things coming out of Pattern Anthology’s Just Add Jeans collection? I’m loving the pieces, especially the City Girl designed by See Kate Sew. There’s something about that cowl neck that I adore. And while I’ve seen several tops featured, I haven’t seen anyone sharing the dress yet…

City Girl Frock | Mabey She Made It #sewing #justaddjeans #patternanthology #dress #pattern review

So here’s the one I made! I was excited to be a pattern tester for the City Girl frock, and I absolutely adore the look. And so do others. I wore this to church a couple of times, and I’ve gotten several compliments (and was even asked if I make them to sell) so I know it’s a great pattern.

City Girl Frock | Mabey She Made It #sewing #justaddjeans #patternanthology #dress #pattern review

For this dress, I chose a plum-colored jersey knit that had a great drape and weight so there’s no sheerness to it. And it was really nice to sew with. Add to that the ease of sewing Kate’s patterns, and this was a really fun experience!

City Girl Frock | Mabey She Made It #sewing #justaddjeans #patternanthology #dress #pattern review

Another thing I love about it? I can wear it while I’m pregnant! These photos were taken a few weeks ago before I got so big, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to wear this comfortably until well into my 3rd trimester. And it still looks flattering! I did add a couple of inches to the length (as I typically do) so it hits below the knees and I have a wide generous hem, which I always like.City Girl Frock | Mabey She Made It #sewing #justaddjeans #patternanthology #dress #pattern review

It’s super comfy too, which is really important while pregnant. If you’re making the dress option, you’ll definitely want the sash. Without it the dress is a little shapeless, but the sash takes care of that.

City Girl Frock | Mabey She Made It #sewing #justaddjeans #patternanthology #dress #pattern review

Once I’m not pregnant, I would love to do a more contoured version of the dress and see how that sews up. And you’d better believe the top is on my sewing To Do list–I love it!

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5 years ago

I have this pattern and top is so comfortable. The dress version is cute. I need to try it. Did you ever try it in a contoured version?