A while back I shared a fun, quick project over at Love, Pasta, and a Tool Belt. I was in a panic because I had this post due, and I was out of energy and time–a bad combination when you’re 7 months pregnant. But I had recently painted this little succulent holder from it’s original Home Depot orange (that I got from my blog conference) to a fun aqua color. It only took a little time to combine a few elements and come up with this centerpiece. And I still love it! So I’m excited that it’s been functional and cute and I used things I already had on hand. And it makes me happy.


Succulent Centerpiece | Mabey She Made It #succulent #centerpiece


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I normally don’t put much on our dining room table. I guess I just didn’t really know how to leave things on the table without it feeling cluttered. But I think that changed today when I created this centerpiece.

I’m Lisa Mabey from Mabey She Made It where I write about doable and affordable DIY, crafts, and sewing. I’m so glad to be here at Love, Pasta, and a Toolbelt again–thanks for having me back, Emily!

I was looking around my house and realized that I had a few elements that could go together to create a centerpiece that was simple, effective, and  easy to remove for dinner time.

I started with a plain white serving tray that’s been sitting in the cupboard–not doing anyone any good–and decided to embellish it a little with some vinyl. I chose a swirly design and cut it out on my Silhouette (I seriously love my Silhouette) in some aqua and gray vinyl. Then I decided where I wanted them positioned and applied the vinyl.

Succulent Centerpiece | Mabey She Made It #succulent #centerpiece

I decided on putting them to the side to that I could put other elements on the tray without covering the design.

Succulent Centerpiece | Mabey She Made It #succulent #centerpiece

After that, I took a succulent planter in a cute tin bucket that was painted Home Depot orange,

Succulent Centerpiece | Mabey She Made It #succulent #centerpiece

and gave it a little color change with a couple of coats of chalk paint I got from the awesome ladies at the DecoArt booth at the conference.

Succulent Centerpiece | Mabey She Made It #succulent #centerpiece

After adding a little ribbon accent, it was ready to go on my serving tray with a set of cork coasters that I use for hot dishes (and it’s convenient to leave them on the table).

It’s a simple collection, but this centerpiece is fresh, easy, and fits my busy life.

Succulent Centerpiece | Mabey She Made It #succulent #centerpiece

What else do you like to put on your table that I’m forgetting?

Thanks again to Emily for letting me be here, and I hope you come visit at Mabey She Made It or follow me on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram!

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8 years ago

This is so so cute! I love it all! The design on the serving tray is so fun and I think thats my favorite succulent I’ve seen. 🙂

Vanessa Barker
8 years ago

Oh my gosh, I have that bucket from SNAP and have been wondering how to make it fit into my kitchen better. I’m totally going to do this!!! Thanks for the ideas.

8 years ago

So cute!!! I love succulents!

Dee @CupcakesandCrowbars

Great makeover of something I’d likely have given away. You’re so talented.

Gretchen @ Three Little Monkeys Studio

I am obsessed with succulents! I love this, Lisa!!!

Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple

I love this!! So pretty and vinyl just adds the perfect touch to it!

Cori George
8 years ago

This is really cute! I have so much to learn about all that’s possible with a cutting machine! 🙂

Heidi @ Happiness is Homemade

That’s so cute! I love it with that polka dot ribbon!

8 years ago

Easy & Simple. Adds just the right touch.

Mrs Major Hoff (Sara)
8 years ago

so pretty! Love it!

8 years ago

That is so sweet!