Mabey Manor Girls Room RevealI’ve been putting off the Girls Room Reveal post (and the rest to follow) for a long time. Partly because I’ve wanted everything to be finished before sharing, and partly because sometimes it’s hard for me to put my home before the world. I have so much to learn, but I only learn by doing.

A year and a half ago, we bought our home. It was a definite fixer-upper and almost everything had to be updated or redone. And we (meaning my husband mostly) have worked really hard. We’ve had something torn up for almost every day we’ve lived here. And now we’re in the last phases of finish work. I can’t explain how much blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this house. I also can’t explain how hard it is going to be to leave it.

Mabey Manor Girls Room RevealMabey Manor Girls Room Reveal

So over the next few months I’ll be sharing the transformation of Mabey Manor one room at a time. I’ll share before and afters, project lists, and some of the decor I’ve done in the rooms over the last year. And I may cry behind the screen at how much love has gone into every detail. And with that, let’s start with the girls’ room.

Mabey Manor Girls Room Reveal

Saige and Brynley share this room, and it’s really quite large and has some amazing detail including two fun windows and the amazing slanted ceilings that grace all the upstairs rooms. So let’s take a look at where we started. Paneled walls, the closet that blocked one of the windows, a drop ceiling, and brown painted floors. It was so closed in and so dreary. Just looking at the photos gets me emotional because the change is so drastic.

Rexburg House Befores Horizontal15The room took these projects to complete:

  • Remove the panelingMabey Manor Girls Room Reveal
  • Drywall the walls since the lath and plaster was irreparable
  • Replace the flooring since it was warped and soft
  • Remove the drop ceiling
  • Relocate the closet away from the window–why would you ever cover this gorgeous light?Mabey Manor Girls Room Reveal
  • Change the angle of the doorway to accommodate an additional doorway (into the nursery)Mabey Manor Girls Room Reveal
  • Texture, paint, carpet, and new base and trim throughout
  • Install new windows and blinds

Mabey Manor Girls Room RevealMabey Manor Girls Room RevealI chose a beautiful aqua (Behr’s Rain Washed) for the walls. I wanted a fresh color that would allow me to have fun while remaining somewhat on trend and sellable.Mabey Manor Girls Room Reveal

The new layout allowed for two twin beds with LOTS of space for playing. At one point we also had a crib in this room and it didn’t feel cramped. Each night, we all do our bedtime routine in this room, and we all comfortably read stories and lounge on the floor. We also refinished a fun little table and chairs so they have somewhere to color and play.

Mabey Manor Girls Room Reveal

I love the windows and all the natural light in this room. It just makes me happy.

Mabey Manor Girls Room Reveal

Overall, this was one of the rooms I decorated the least. Perhaps it was partly because they like to jump on the beds and make a mess so I keep it minimal or perhaps it’s because I just love the color so much, but either way, it’s a very simple room for two very happy little girls.

Well, what do you think? Big change right? Next week I’ll be back with the nursery, which is probably my favorite room. 

Read more about these projects here:

Mabey Manor Girls Room Reveal This butterfly wall design is perfect for a little girl's room. And the 3-d butterflies make it feel magical!

Foam Head Cameo || 3-D Butterfly Wall


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Vashti Quiroz-Vega
Vashti Quiroz-Vega
7 years ago

Great work on the girls’ room. It turned out very beautiful and the room does have a calming effect. I guess it’s the paint you chose. Love the butterfly wall. 😀

7 years ago

Beautiful job on the whole room! So fresh and clean looking! Love this! The butterflies are lovely on the wall…what a great idea!

Merri Cvetan
7 years ago

You did a lovely room for your daughter. I especially like the frame with “Love” inside. Very clever.Merri from SITS link-up.

Jodie filogomo
7 years ago

What a beautiful transformation! The wall color is lovely! jodie