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Today on the Mabey Manor tour, we’re looking at the family room and craft room (technically a bedroom). If you missed seeing some of the other areas of the house you can check them out here:


Entry, Living Room, and Garage

Kitchen, Laundry Room, and Bathroom

First up is the family room. This, out of all the rooms in the house, needs the least attention. It has great light, the beams in the ceiling are fun, and having a fireplace is nice.

Mabey Manor Family Room | Mabey She Made It

We will be taking out that large built-in in the corner there. It’s a pretty awkward configuration once you live with it for a little while. Gone are the days of huge TVs sitting on shelves (for the most part) so filling those huge gaping holes would be tricky. So far, it has just collected junk, which is terrible. We may keep the narrow set of shelves closest to the fireplace, but we’ll just have to see.

Mabey Manor Family Room | Mabey She Made It

And while the rock fireplace isn’t bad to look at, it was built for a wood-burning fireplace with a fan so there are vents and holes all over and it’s really drafty. Now that there’s a gas fireplace, we’ll have to tear it out to make it more efficient. And I won’t be sad about replacing that wimpy mantel either.

Mabey Manor Family Room | Mabey She Made It

So there isn’t too much to do here, but we still have some fun ideas on my Family Room board

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Then up that little set of stairs is the downstairs bedroom/craft room.Will you check out that vintage roman shade? It actually looks a pretty color here, but trust me when I say it was not pretty (and in horrible shape).

 Mabey Manor Craft Room | Mabey She Made It

We also have more brown painted MDF as the flooring in here. Super classy, but check out how many outlets there are in this room–it’s a crafter’s dream!

Mabey Manor Craft Room | Mabey She Made It

This is a pretty small room, and yet they decided to put in a double closet. I’m not sure why. With the one closet and the built-in drawers, it’s actually got a good amount of storage for the size of the room. So we’re putting that second closet to a better use–as a desk with shelves! 

Mabey Manor Craft Room | Mabey She Made It

There’s even a storage space behind the door, which is pretty fun. I’m thinking this would be a great place for Christmas stuff…but we’ll see.

Mabey Manor Craft Room | Mabey She Made It

This room will get stripped of its paneling and we’ll build a desk in the closet. Then after that we’ll work on shelving and organization for my copious amounts of craft and sewing supplies. Here are a few inspirational photos of my dream Craft Room:

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So what do you think? I’m sure you have some dream craft room pins or photos…send me a pin (@mabeyshemadeit) or some ideas to add to my board!

We’re almost done with the tour–only the upstairs is left! Make sure to come back and see what we have planned for the other bedrooms.

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