I always like looking back over a year and seeing what went well and (yes) what didn’t. I like to learn from the past, and its just really interesting to see. So I pulled out the top 15 posts from this year so you can check them out with me. I’m counting down, so here’s #15!

The top 15 posts of 2015 from Mabey She Made It

No. 15: Vintage Suitcase Table Makeover. Mom and I gave this table and a family heirloom a makeover with this vintage suitcase table makeover. It was a simple project, but I loved the results.Turn a gorgeous vintage suitcase into a show-stopping side table.

No. 14: Molded Flower Bracelet: A Polymer Clay Tutorial. This was my first foray into clay, and although its a simple project, its a fun one that looks great.Make molded clay flowers with this beginner's polymer clay tutorial.

No. 13: QAYG Ragged Applique Quilt. I’m SO not a quilter (hats off to you quilters–I’m just not that precise) but this one is totally doable since there’s no piecing and precision isn’t required.Even I can do this! Easy QAYG Ragged Applique Quilt-

No. 12: 25-minute T-shirt Refashion. Turn the excess from a too-big tee into fun ruffles at the neckline. And its a fun conversation starter (I made a wonderful friend when she asked about this design and we got started chatting).This tutorial for an anthropologie-inspired t-shirt refashion is so fun

No. 11: Chalk Painted Heart Candle Holder. Chalk paint, painter’s tape, and a paper punch are all it took to make this fun candle holder perfect for Valentine’s day (plus I put a different design on the back so I can switch them out).Chalk Paint Heart Candle Holder | Mabey She Made It | #chalkpaint #valentinesday #love

No. 10: The Izzy Top Review. I shared what I like and what I don’t about the Izzy Top (plus its a free pattern) so you know my thoughts before making it.

Pattern review for the free Izzy Top

No. 9: Norah Dress Upcycle. Take a sheet and a curtain and put them together through your sewing machine for a sweet little dress you’d never suspect started as something else.Such a sweet classic dress made from an upcycled sheet and curtain.

No. 8: Upcycling Wood Spools into a Stool. These electrical spools are so much fun to repurpose, and this stool was a great addition to my master bedroom. Find out how to make one here.DIY Wire Spools Stool | Mabey She Made It

No. 7: 7 Unique DIY Clothing Labels. Labeling your creations can be fun when you make or create your own unique ways of marking them. Unique DIY Clothing Label Ideas | Mabey She Made It

No. 6: Recreating Kate: Issa Engagement Dress Remake I love Kate’s style, but don’t want to pay those prices. See how I altered a commercial pattern to get the look for less than $50.Recreating Kate: Issa Engagement Dress | Mabey She Made It | #katemiddleton #katemiddletonstyle #katemiddletonfashion #recreatingkate

No. 5: Never Lose Your Drawstring Again. Your kids can pull them all they want. Your washer can tug and twist up those clothes. Your drawstring will never pull out with this simple trick.This super easy 2-minute fix will ensure you never lose your drawstring again--so easy and awesome!

No. 4: Make a Butterfly Top or Dress. This beautiful woven butterfly paired with a simple muslin tunic  is a stunning look–people stop and look at it all the time, and I walk you through making one of your own.Add a beautiful woven butterfly to any shirt or tunic with this tutorial. Perfect for a costume or for every day.

No. 3: 9 Tips for Upcycling Clothes. Give your clothes new life by turning them into something else. I’m sharing my best 9 tips for upcycling.9 Tips for Upcycling Clothes | Mabey She Made It

No. 2: 7 Ways to Make Your Sewing Look More Professional. Don’t cut corners and your creations will look more professional. These 7 ways really do work in making things look great.Use these 7 tips and your sewing projects will look more professional--people won't even suspect you made it yourself!

No. 1: 12 Amazing Book Crafts to Try. They’re beautiful. Book lovers adore the beautiful projects that started from a book and turn into gorgeous and useful pieces.Book Crafts Feature

And there you have it. The top 15 posts from 2015. I was only surprised by a couple of them, and am so grateful for you!

So what was your favorite? Were there any you forgot about? 


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7 years ago

Thanks for recapping your best! As a quilter, I was drawn to your QAYG Ragged Applique post, but I’m totally going to use that drawstring fix! You won’t believe how many stupid drawstrings I’ve almost lost and had to redo! Thanks for sharing.