A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to test a new pattern by the fabulous Kate from See Kate Sew. The Penelope Peplum (Kate’s first women’s top) was such a fun little project to sew!

I’ll be honest–I’ve never had a peplum before because I was afraid of what it would do to me. There are several styles that I love, but just can’t do–like swing tops and coats–because they make me look pregnant. I didn’t know if a peplum would have that same effect.

Penelope Peplum | Mabey She Made It #peplum #seekatesew

So when I agreed to test I was a little hesitant and curious as to what it would look like on me (not because of Kate’s pattern, just because I’d never tried one on before).

I also knew that I had to choose my fabric wisely so that I’d want to wear it regularly. Peplums seem so fancy to me, so when I saw this stretch lace, I knew that was the right fabric. Comfy, classic, and dressy.

Sewing it up was really quick, and I have to say that I love how it turned out. The neck facings make it really nice and everything lays flat. I was a little worried that because it was lace I’d hate that you can see the facing, but I don’t mind it at all. It just seems to make the top look more professionally made, which is always a good thing when you’re sewing your own clothes!

Penelope Peplum | Mabey She Made It #peplum #seekatesew #lace

I’ve worn it several times with khakis or a skirt and it dresses up or down really well. I think I like it best with a black shirt underneath, but it wasn’t showing the lace for photos, so white it was. 🙂 I like mine with a skinny belt where the bodice meets the skirt, but it doesn’t need it, really.

And while I really like it as is, I have plans to make a high-waisted pencil skirt from the same lace (I had leftovers) so that I can make it look like a complete dress or use the pieces separately. I’ve wanted a lace dress for a while, and this seems like an easy (and cute) way to complete the look AND get a lace dress. 🙂

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