The Mini Maxi Skirt

Mini Maxi Skirt | Mabey She Made It #maxiskirt #kidsclothesweek

It’s been fun day so far! I whipped up a Mini Maxi Skirt for each ofthe girls this morning (before my day got away from me) for Kids Clothes Week. I let Saige choose which fabric she wanted her skirt from, and she chose the Koi Orange Chevron fabric from Girl Charlee, which was a fun choice (I ordered quite a few knits from them, and they’re great quality and fun!).

Mini Maxi Skirts are so simple to make, and yet I managed to make Saige’s too shirt–so it became Brynley’s. Then I made a bigger one for Saige. I made them A-line so they wouldn’t be restricting at all, and then added a yoga-style waistband that’s comfy and cozy. Since we’re headed into the Arctic cold (Rexburg) I know we’re going to get a lot of use out of these mini maxi skirts.

The best part was the photo shoot that quickly went south. Saige was game, but Brynley didn’t want to cooperate (no surprise there). First I got a “nice smile”

Mini Maxi Skirt | Mabey She Made It #maxiskirt #kidsclothesweek

Then when I asked them to hold hands for a photo, it ended up like this:

Mini Maxi Skirt | Mabey She Made It #maxiskirt #kidsclothesweek

Me: Girls, hold hands for a minute!

Saige grabs Brynley’s hand, and Brynley immediately starts pulling away.

Brynley: No Hold Hand! (pulling and squirming to get away)

Saige: Brynley, I want to hold your hand! (starting to cry because Brynley won’t hold her hand)

Me: Okay, don’t hold hands.

Then Brynley runs away to find the “meows” while Saige stays behind to show me her dance moves and her modeling poses. (She recently watched a photography video about working with models with me, and now she’s convinced she’s professional.)

Mini Maxi Skirt | Mabey She Made It #maxiskirt #kidsclothesweek

So good photo shoot or not, it was fun to make these cute little Mini Maxi Skirts and watch my littles have fun in them!

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  1. Girl Charlee Fabrics Avatar

    I love these matching skirts! They both look adorable! Thanks for linking back to us.

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