Hi, and thanks for checking out my Rodan + Fields page! While skincare is a bit different than the rest of Mabey She Made It, it’s something I’m pretty excited about these days.

Rodan and Fields Product Guide

Wanting beautiful, healthy skin is something I think we all have in common. It affects our confidence when we’re self-conscious about something we’d like to change or improve. For me, its acne and looking older especially since I’m in the throes of newborn sleeplessness. And while I have always fought with acne, I finally believe (and see) that I don’t have to live with it–the Rodan + Fields products can make that happen. Previously I didn’t want to be in photos and I always wanted to edit photos so my skin looked better no matter how much makeup I had on. My face felt heavy, dull, and spotted.

But using Rodan + Fields has made all the difference. I didn’t even take before photos because I was so skeptical about another product line, but trust me when I say my skin is SO much better–its clear of blemishes, it feels light and smooth, and people have started commenting on how good it looks. I couldn’t feel more confident in my skin.

Rodan + Fields Products

And what I love about it is there’s a solution for whatever skin concerns you have–wrinkles and aging, sun damage, acne, and sensitivity. There’s even a handy online solution tool to help you figure out which products are best for YOU.


So come check out these products–you have nothing to lose (there’s even a 60-day money-back guarantee) and let me know if I can answer any questions for you!