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Making Professional Baby Shoes | Mabey She Made It #babyshoes #sewing #joyfolie

Tips for Making Baby Shoes

I’m bringing home another guest post today–this time it was part of a baby series over at Everyday Art, and I’m really in love with these tiny little shoes. I’ve already given away the little black ones, so I’m going to have to make myself another pair because they’re so stinkin’ cute! This is a […] Read more…

Making Professional Baby Shoes | Mabey She Made It #babyshoes #sewing #joyfolie

The Secret to Professional Baby Shoes

Do you want to make your baby shoes look more professional? I’ve got couple of great tips and tricks for you today. For most of them, you’ll find me over at Everyday Art sharing all the fun things I’ve learned about making baby shoes over the past few years. But before you go, I have […] Read more…

Ruffled Peasant Dress & Bloomers | Mabey She Made It #nestingtonewborns #baby #sewing #peasantdress

Ruffled Peasant Dress & Bloomers

When I think of little girls, the first thing I think of is cute ruffly dresses. Something feminine but not over powering.  And when I think of newborns, I think of how fragile their little bodies are for those first few months and how dressing them has to be easy.  So when I decided to […] Read more…