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13 DIY Projects to Try Yourself

Sometimes you just find a ¬†collection of projects that you really love. They may not have any rhyme or reason and they may not fall into any particular category but you love each of them for various reasons. Today’s projects are just that for me. They’re beautiful, fun, inspiring, and varied. I hope you like […] Read more…

This gorgeous dining table was made from reclaimed mahogany and a custom steel base. The thrifted chairs were refinished and together the set is stunning. See more here.

Mahogany and Steel Dining Table and Chairs

It’s funny how special something becomes when you put a lot of work into it, isn’t it? This dining table and chairs is no exception. Each part has a story and a reason. The wood for the table top is reclaimed mahogany from a historic building in Salt Lake City a few years ago. My […] Read more…

Hand-painted Ottoman Makeover | Mabey She Made It #furniture #ottoman #makeover

Hand-painted Ottoman Makeover

The other day I ran across this ottoman at our local thrift store for $8, and since I’d been wanting an ottoman for our living room couch, I stopped to check it out.¬†It was old and outdated, but it was well-built and I wanted it. So it came home with me.   First up, I […] Read more…

#thrifted Chair Makeover | Mabey She Made It #homedecor #decoarts #DIY #funiture

Thrifted Chair Makeover

While we were in California, I found this chair at a thrift store. It was well made, beautiful in its features, and I just wanted it. It wasn’t quite my style, but I knew with a little love it would be. Enter in moving, temporary living, and now some renovations to our new house, and […] Read more…

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