This is the women's version of the Extraordinary Girl Tee and it's amazing!

Women’s Extraordinary Girl Tee

A few weeks back I shared some fun girls’ t-shirts as part of a pattern tour, and mentioned that there was also a women’s version that I was going to sew. Several of you asked to see this version as well, and I am delivering today. While I really like the girls’ pattern, I LOVE having […] Read more…

Nautical Navy T-shirt Refashion | Mabey She Made It | #refashion #tshirtrefashion #fashion #sewing

Nautical Navy T-shirt Refashion

Are you ready for another t-shirt refashion? I do these regularly when I get tired of what’s in my drawers. I have a stash of too-big shirts that I go “shopping” in and then I start playing around. Most of them came from a clearance sale I went to a couple of years ago and […] Read more…