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Sewing Jeans: Birkin Flares Pattern Review

Sewing your own jeans is pretty easy with the Birkin Flares.

If you’re anything like me, sewing jeans has always seemed so daunting–so out of reach for me personally. I think it had something to do with big bulky denim seams and the fear of my machine not being able to handle it. So I never tried.

Are you afraid of sewing jeans too? You’ll definitely want to check out the Janome DC5100 sewing machine–it handled denim like a dream and never hesitated on the thickest of seams. Its a little workhorse!

And then I started seeing handmade jeans pop up with the promise of them looking like designer jeans. The idea was more than intriguing, so I took the Sewing Designer Jeans class from Craftsy so I could see the process in action and half way through the class I decided there wasn’t anything crazy hard about sewing jeans at all. Other than a zip fly, its all regular sewing with topstitching. And I’ve done a fly zip before so I had nothing to lose. I was ready to sew jeans, but first I had to find a pattern. I looked around and what I found wasn’t really what I wanted. And then I heard Lauren from Baste + Gather was making a pattern and I knew that was the pattern I wanted to sew. Sight unseen–I just trusted that she’d make the perfect pattern. And she did. I got to test the Birkin Flares pattern, and they are perfection. The Birkin Flares are a mid-to-high-waisted flare jean with a vintage vibe that I just can’t get enough of.

Birkin Flares Pattern Details:

Pattern Name and Designer: Birkin Flares from Baste + Gather Price: $12 Pattern Options: High-rise flare jeans Size Range: 24 to 35 (based off of ready-to-wear sizing) Size I Made: 26 and 27. My first pair I made in a 27 with a thicker 2% stretch denim (darker pair with striped top) and my second pair was a 26 in a thinner 2% lycra, 6% polyester denim (pair with pintucked pockets). What I Like: These jeans make my bum look nice and round, I don’t pull my pants up all day long, I don’t worry about flashing anyone, and the flare leg is on trend and makes me feel taller. And I get to be pocket designer for a day, and that makes me happy. What I Don’t Like: Sewing a zip fly. Honestly its a little tricky, but after doing it twice now, I feel more comfortable. And Lauren updated her fly instructions after I made mine to be super clear so you’ll be fine doing it. Modifications: I shortened both pair by about 2″ as they have a generous inseam, but instead of using the lengthen/shorten lines I cut off the bottom so my flares aren’t as belled. Then I played with the front and back pocket shapes on my second pair just because I wanted to. Would I Sew it Again: Definitely, especially since Lauren is working on other leg shapes (I’m already dreaming of bootcuts). I just need more denim now! Speaking of buying more denim, this Robert Kaufman denim is on sale via Craftsy, and I’ve already got it in my cart ready to check out!

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