Sewing your own jeans is pretty easy with the Birkin Flares.

Sewing Jeans: Birkin Flares Pattern Review

If you’re anything like me, sewing jeans has¬†always seemed so daunting–so out of reach for me personally. I think it had something to do with big bulky denim seams and the fear of my machine not being able to handle it. So I never tried. And then I started seeing handmade jeans pop up with […] Read more…

Tired of your frumpy mom look? Its time for a #momiformMAKEover. Check out these fun patterns and ideas for transforming your look.

Momiform Makeover Series Post

It’s getting serious over here. A few months ago I started a crusade to update my wardrobe and make it a little more classy since baggy jeans/cutoffs, t-shirts, and flip flops were pretty much all I wore. I went through and thought about things that made me default to a t-shirt and the decided to […] Read more…

DIY Harem Pants | Mabey She Made It | #sewing #sewing for baby #harempants

DIY Harem Pants

Do you have a trendy baby? If so, today’s post is for you. Harem pants are making a comeback, and when you look in most stores you’ll find at least one version–probably many more! And the best part is that they’re super easy to make. Today’s guest is Deanna from Patterns & Projects, a sewing […] Read more…