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Valentine’s Day

Super simple candle holder with chalk paint. Cute and easy enough for anyone to do.

Chalk Paint Heart Candle Holder

Last year around this time I pinned a super cute DIY Heart Mason Jar found at DecorChick. When I was going through my Valentine’s Day board this month, I ran across it again, and wanted to do something similar. And while I created the heart candle holder last week over at Made From Pinterest, today I’m […] Read more…

2 Lovely Valentine's Day Crafts || Mabey She Made It | #valentine #dotelltuesday

9 Lovely Valentine’s Day Crafts

 There were so many fun Valentine’s Day crafts this week, that I’d be crazy not to feature a few. These crafts are fun for everything from the classroom to your front door. And in the past I’ve resisted traditional red, but this year I’m loving it. ******************** Paper Valentine Treats || Summer Scraps  || We all […] Read more…

Love Canvas with Feathered Heart | Mabey She Made It | #heart #christmas #valentine #heart #feathers

“Love” Feathered Heart Canvas

A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to guest post over at Mod Podge Rocks. This was the post I did there. I’ve been pondering a lot on love this month and how it play into our lives and into the Christmas spirit. I can honestly say that I feel more love this […] Read more…

Valentine Heart Pillow | Mabey She Made It #valentine #hearts #pillow #homedecor

Valentine Heart Pillow

You may have seen my Valentine Heart Pillow last week, but I’m bringing it home this week so it’s part of my collection. I mentioned it last week, but I LOVE this pillow! Like leave-it-up-all-year-round love it. The neutral palette is just right for my tastes, and I hope you like it! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Good morning […] Read more…

Make these simple Valentines Cards with your little one to pass out to friends. They love helping with the process, and they're super cute.

Handmade Valentine Cards

Last Valentine’s day, Saige got to take handmade Valentine cards to her little Nursery class, but we didn’t know until a day before because we had just moved…no surprises there though, right? It was the first time she’d had somewhere to take a Valentine (and the first time that she’d remember) so I wanted to […] Read more…

All you need is some red paper and a white background to make this beautiful quilled heart decor perfect for Valentine's Day.

Quilled Heart Décor

  I was looking for some Valentine’s Day decor a couple of years ago that wasn’t quite typical. I didn’t want pink or a cherry red like you typically find either. So I decided to create something instead. I’d seen a couple of examples of quilling, so I wanted to try a quilled heart. Here’s […] Read more…