Making the Izzy Top

The izzy top is a free pattern you have to try out for girls.

Izzy Top Details

Pattern Name and Designer: Izzy Top from Climbing the Willow

Price: Free

Pattern Options: Top with button tab closure and lined bodice.

Size Range: 18 mo. to 12

Size I Made: 18 months and 3

What I Like: Its a super cute top and its a fast sew. My girls have loved theirs.

What I Don’t Like: Its a little big and bulky where the skirt attaches, but overall good.

Modifications: I enclosed the skirt seam in the bodice for a cleaner look and lengthened the 3. I also added trim.

Would I Sew it Again: Yes, but I haven’t yet. Its a fun top, but I prefer the Maggie Mae from Shwin Designs. However, the Izzy is much faster.

20 responses to “Making the Izzy Top”

  1. Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures Avatar

    That is a CUTE pattern! ‘Love your fabric choices! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Lisa Avatar

      Aww, thank you Marci!

  2. Caroline Avatar

    Gorgeous girls in their new tops. PS the Izzy Top now goes from 18mths to 12 and is still free!

    1. Lisa Avatar

      How did I miss that?! I’ll have to update–thanks for letting me know!

      1. Caroline Avatar

        welcome 🙂

    2. di ellis Avatar
      di ellis

      hi where do you get the izzy top pattern for free plz…

  3. Sheila Robson Avatar

    I did the same as you, i.e. encased the skirt part between the two layers of the top for a neater finish I used the pattern for a top and a pyjama top. You can see the results here.

    1. Lisa Avatar
  4. April Eubanks Avatar
    April Eubanks

    I have a special needs child and was wondering if I increased in same increments could I do this pattern in a size 10.

    1. Lisa Avatar

      There’s another larger version available now on Craftsy that goes up to a size 12 I believe.

  5. Tina Webley Avatar
    Tina Webley

    Hello, I downloaded the pattern from Craftsy but can’t find the instructions anywhere, can you help please?

  6. Patricia Avatar

    Hello I am looking for the instruction for the izzy top as well can you help|?

  7. Rosemary Avatar

    II’m sure I can figure it out if I just know the seam allowance. HELP’

  8. Sarah Avatar

    I have the same comment as the people above. I would love to see the tutorial or instructions as well.


    with so many people wanting and asking how to make this top surly someone can up load how to make the izzy top there is nothing out there on how to sew it up.
    all the sites that say they have it don’t or have closed.
    way to frustrating!!!!

  10. Linda McCollum Avatar
    Linda McCollum

    I too am looking for instructions/tutorial on how to sew the Izzy Top. It’s a cute top…looks easy enough to do…but I need to see something in print…at my age, my 2nd sight isn’t working too well. Serious, please send instructions. I’d like to make for Christmas gifts.
    thank you in advance.

  11. Cat Avatar

    After searching high an low for some instructions for this top, I found some! They’re in Spanish but if you don’t read Spanish you can use a translation website or just figure it out from the pictures.

  12. Sonja Blancke Avatar
    Sonja Blancke

    cant find where to download the pattern? also, are there instructions. this would be so cute on my 3 year old great granddaughter. thank you, Sonja

  13. Celina Edwards Avatar
    Celina Edwards


  14. An Neefs Avatar
    An Neefs

    I really want to make this Izzy top. But I simply can’t find the pattern.
    I am navigating in loops for hours now.
    Can you tell me where to find the pattern.
    Thanks a lot

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