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Refashioned Pinstripe Dress

Pinstripe Dress | Mabey She Made It | #upcycle #sewingforkids #sewing #pr&p

So last week was a sew-along for Project Run & Play, and I really wanted to participate. The theme was creating something out of upcycled pieces or hand-me-downs. I’d had this idea for days, but other obligations won out and I was down to the last minute. And while I technically did get the refashioned Pinstripe Dress made in time, I didn’t get it uploaded before the party closed. So sad. But at least I have an amazing dress to share with you (that Saige actually needed) and some fun photos (although none of the process because I was on a tight deadline).

In creating the refashioned Pinstripe Dress, I started with this pair of work pants from several years ago. I’ve always loved the fabric, but they were too big and I had nowhere to wear them even if they did. So I was excited to turn them into something wearable and super cute.




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I wanted the bulk of the dress to be from the pants, with only a little bit of black to dress things up. That said, there’s only so much you can do with a pant leg. 🙂

I actually mashed up two patterns and added a little extra to make this super cute dress.

While I don’t have step-by-step instructions for this dress (since its a mash-up) I can show you where I cut out each pattern piece so you can replicate it.

The back and sleeves are from the Jackie Top and Dress.

This was to create a slim silhouette on the back and it used up less fabric–I could actually get the pieces cut out from one pant leg.

The skirt of the dress front was cut from the other pant leg. In order to get enough fabric, I had to use the outer seam as part of my panel and only cut off the inseam. Since this piece is gathered on the final dress, the seam is hardly noticeable.

And the front bodice is from the Hopscotch Top and Dress.

I had to piece the bodice together so there was a seam down the front. Then I used a ruched piece of black fabric down the front to cover the seam and add a fun detail.

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I also added ties to the dress just for looks. With the A-line back, this dress is already pretty shapely, but I wanted the black contrast and bow just because. And I love how it looks.

And although you can’t see it, I added a fun pop of color by inserting a lime green zipper and used green bias tape around the neckline. I love that they’re there even if no one else knows it. I’m kind of sad (in retrospect) that I didn’t do lime green topstitching as well, but I’m not sad enough to unpick it all just for aesthetics.

And while Saige was being super silly during photo time, she couldn’t wait to wear it to church which makes a mama happy.  

What do you think? Would you have guessed the Refashioned Pinstripe Dress used to be pants?


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