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Month: March 2018

House Update 4: Tile

This past week was the week of tile laying, and week 7 of this project. It’s crazy how much time has passed and yet how little time. I’m in awe of how much Chad has gotten done especially since you can never fully anticipate which projects will take more time and what will hold you […] Read more…

House Update 3

House Update 3: Drywall

There’s something really exciting about drywall. Before drywall, it’s hard to visualize how things will really feel and understand exactly how the spaces will be defined and look. Then drywall is hung and all the sudden you’ve gone from the bare bones of the house to something resembling the final. Add drywall, and you’re nearing […] Read more…

The Omega Blouse from Winter Wear Designs sewn by Mabey She Made It

When You Want a Classic Blouse…Omega It Is

It’s been a long time since I was part of a blog tour, but I had to hop on this one because the two blouses that comprise the tour are exactly the kinds of tops I reach for to wear under cardigans in the winter and in the summer to wear alone. I had previously purchased […] Read more…