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Check out these ideas for craft and sewing organization.

9 Tips for How to Organize Your Sewing Space for the New Year

I love how a new year often motivates me to get things organized again and find a good home for everything. And while I started coming up with tips to organize your sewing space, I realized that I never showed you my craft/sewing room at Mabey Manor, so you get both practical tips and a craft […] Read more…

It was just plain ugly, closed in, and hard to work in.

Mabey Manor: Kitchen Remodel Reveal

When the kitchen is the heart of your house, you want it to be open, inviting, and functional. The kitchen in Mabey Manor left a lot to be desired in these three areas. A full kitchen remodel was desperately needed. The Old Kitchen You entered the kitchen through a tight doorway, and then you were met […] Read more…

Mabey Manor Living Room Reveal

Mabey Manor: Living Room Reveal

Oh this living room! It pained me for so long because it was one of the first areas guests would see but one of the last we refinished. But now when I look at photos, it makes my heart happy. Candle Holder || Yellow Pillow And although it was never perfect, it sure was fun […] Read more…

Built-in Bookshelf Refinish

Mabey Manor: Refinished Built-ins

When looking to buy Mabey Manor, these built-ins were one of the best parts of the whole house. They had so much storage and were the perfect opportunity to display the china and other larger pieces I’d been collecting over the years. I was so excited about them. When we finally got to this project, […] Read more…

Mabey Manor front entry reveal.

Mabey Manor: Front Entry Reveal

There’s nothing quite like a first impression, right? The first impressions of Mabey Manor were pretty bad. You can see how dreary and run down the house was in this photo. The door still has “abandoned” stickers on it, you can see the shoddily painted floors, the wood paneling, and the barren living room. What you […] Read more…

Mabey Manor Hallway Reveal

Mabey Manor: Staircase Remodel

Welcome back to the Mabey Manor tour! I’m revealing all the changes we made to our home one room at a time. I’ve already shared the girls’ room, the master bedroom, the nursery, and the upstairs bathroom. And while it may seem strange, I’m really excited to show you the staircase remodel today. Yes, the hallway. […] Read more…

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