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DIY Photo Backdrop | Mabey She Made It | #photography #backdrop #DIY

DIY Photo Backdrop

Fenna from Fabulous Home Sewn is here today with an awesome idea for creating an easy interchangeable DIY Photo Backdrop. I saw her post, and I immediately wanted to make one for myself. I have a great spot in my house with lots of natural light, but I’m always trying to hide what’s in the […] Read more…

Sewing Patterns for Baby's First Year curated by A Jennuine Design | Mabey She Made It | #PDFpattern #sewingforbaby #sewing #girlpatterns

Sewing Patterns for Baby’s First Year

She’s an accountant by day, mom of two girls, fabulous sewist, and pattern designer. Jen from A Jennuine Life is here with us sharing some of the best PDF sewing patterns for babies and toddlers. I love all her choices, and I’m going to have to get working on some of them. There are so […] Read more…

DIY Alphabet Blocks by A Glimpse Inside | Mabey She Made It | # DIY #alphabet #school #blocks

DIY Alphabet Blocks Tutorial

DIY alphabet blocks are such a fun idea for kids, and I’d like you all to welcome Allison from A Glimpse Inside who is going to teach us today! This sweet lady (and yes, I know her personally) has some great stuff on her blog. One of my favorites is the Tutorials page where you can get […] Read more…

Pocket Apron Tutorial by Friends Stitched Together | Mabey She Made It | #sewing #sewingforkids #aprondress #pockets

Pocket Apron Tutorial

You all know how much I love to sew for my girls. I love seeing them in something I made and when they discover special little things about the garment, it makes it even better. Amy from Friends Stitched Together nailed that in this Pocket Apron tutorial today. Not only does it have a cute little […] Read more…

Magnetic Photo Display Tray by My Daylights | Mabey She Made It | #magnetic #photodisplay #recipeholder

Magnetic Photo Display Tray

  Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to cook (during the witching hour) and you keep having to bend over to find where you’re at on your recipe? I know I do. And I also hate that the recipes take up valuable counter space. So today’s Magnetic Photo Display Tray (which doubles as a […] Read more…

Easy DIY Curtains | Mabey She Made It | #curtains #windowtreatment #homedecor #decorating #diy #tutorial

Easy DIY Curtains

If you’re anything like me, curtains seem to be the last thing I think about in a room. I know they finish the look off, but I just have a hard time finding what I really want! So today’s guest, Kathleen from  Fearlessly Creative Mammas, must have known that I needed a little kick in the […] Read more…

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