These flowers have an ethereal glow and are gorgeous around the house.

You had to know that when I did an April Showers project that there would be May Flowers, right? This Vellum Flower Arrangement was something that’s needed to happen for a while now–ever since we moved in December.

These flowers have an ethereal glow and are gorgeous around the house.

Previously I’d made some cute little tissue paper flowers that I really loved. They were so cute, but tissue paper flowers are no match for moving.

May Vellum Flowers | Mabey She Made It #silhouette #flowers #vellum

And while I could have just made a few more of the last kind, I wanted to try something a little different–something delicate and beautiful at the same time. I wanted to try using cut flower shapes cut with my Silhouette (affiliate link) in vellum.

I took a simple flower shape (which happens to be the FREE shape of the week until Tuesday) and did layers upon layers to get a really sweet flower that’s as delicate as my girlies.

And the process was really easy:

  1. Cut several pages of vellum using this cut file (makes about 3 flowers per page). Sort your flowers into groups according to size to make it easier.May Vellum Flowers | Mabey She Made It #silhouette #flowers #vellum
  2. Start rolling the tips of each flower shape between your thumb and fingers to get them to curl. The more you curl, the more volume your flower will have.
  3. Stack your petal pieces–two flower shapes of each size for each flower and one center circle–offsetting the petals for more detail.
  4. Poke a hole in the center of each flower using a needle or small hole punchMay Vellum Flowers | Mabey She Made It #silhouette #flowers #vellum and insert a brad to keep everything together. Then fluff or arrange the flowers as necessary.May Vellum Flowers | Mabey She Made It #silhouette #flowers #vellum
  5. For the small blooms, take a center circle and fold it in quarters.
  6. Hot glue your flowers and blooms onto sticks, and arrange in a vase.May Vellum Flowers | Mabey She Made It #silhouette #flowers #vellum

Pretty simple, and yet these vellum flowers are so cute you’ll love them year round.

May Vellum Flowers | Mabey She Made It #silhouette #flowers #vellum


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Jamie @ Anderson & Grant

So pretty! The brad in the center is the perfect final touch.

8 years ago

Lisa, these flowers are fantastic! Delicate and showy at the same time! I’ve shied away from making tissue paper flowers, figuring that the first time my cats knock over the vase they’ll be gonners…but maybe velum could handle a few bumps before falling apart! Enough that I can zap my cats with the water pistol to teach them to stay away from my vases, anyway!

Kristy GD
8 years ago

Great flowers! I particularly love the little ones tucked in the little nooks of your branch – it’s the perfect finishing touch!

Sharon Rexroad's Bringing Creativity 2 Life

These are so pretty! Did you consider precutting the hole in the center of the petals with your Silhouette?

Rachel Joyce
8 years ago

These are beautiful! These would be a pretty centerpiece for a wedding!

Carrie Perrins
8 years ago

These are really creative and cute! Gonna have to make me some!

8 years ago

I love your flowers. The are so soft looking. I plan on making them this week. Thank you for inspiring me.

Michele @ Our Rosey Life

Oh my. These are just lovely! The vellum makes them look so delicate. I can totally see using your flowers to decorate a package or on a hair clip for one of my daughters too.

8 years ago

Very pretty! So simple but with a big effect! Thanks for sharing

Jeanie @ create&babble

We must have been on the same wavelength! Your vellum flowers are beautiful! Pinning.

Amy from Swag on, Momma!

Cool! Pinning….this seems like a simple way to make a garland for a baby shower or nursery. 🙂

Rachel @ R & R Workshop

so Pretty!! pinned! 🙂

Becky @ My Paper Craze

Love these flowers! I especially love that you used different brads in the center, it adds a little individuality, lol. Great project!

Kate Creasey
8 years ago

I really like the delicate look of the flowers made with vellum. I haven’t done this but now I will have to give it a try.

Chrystal @ YUM eating
8 years ago

Just another reason for me to buy a Silhouette. These are so pretty. I could use some to brighten up my home office!

Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas

Oh wow! I just bought a Silhouette, actually my husband bought it for me, and this is so perfect for some ideas. Yay! I’m going to start a board just for these ideas. Awesome!